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Friday, 1 November 2013

AGM or Gel Battery?

What is the difference between an AGM battery and a Gel Cell battery?

You were probably supplied with an AGM golf battery (Absorbed Glass Mat) when you originally bought your trolley. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is really designed as a general purpose battery, but the ones used for golf have thicker plates and are capable of deep cycle use. It is also the cheapest golf battery type and should last for about 300* cycles. However, technology moves on and our very latest AGMs are approaching Gel standards and will allow in excess of 300 cycles and 70% discharge.
The Gel golf trolley battery is robust and is capable of living with harsh operating environments and should last for over 350 cycles. It is also proven to last well in golf applications. We don’t mind which you buy as both products we supply will serve you well, but we will continue to give you a choice whenever possible.

Please visit www.golftrolleybatteries.co.uk for more details on the range of golf trolley batteries we supply. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How long should a battery last?

How long should a battery last is a question we get asked often. Like a lot of things in life there are external factors that make it hard to be definitive, however, we have put together a guide for you.

If we supply you with a Gel golf trolley battery, it should deliver in excess of 350 recharge cycles. The latest AGM golf battery should give you in excess of 300 recharge cycles, almost up to Gel performance. Both of these recharge cycle numbers however can be impacted by how you treat / maintain your battery :
  • When your battery arrives from www.golftrolleybatteries.co.uk it will be fully charged, but we do advise that you immediately give it a top up charge for a few hours before you use it on the trolley
  • Only use the correct charger which was supplied by your golf trolley manufacturer or one specifically designed for deep cycle GEL/AGM batteries. It must say that it is a two or three stage (step) charger or have a red/orange and green light. That is because there must be a very low maintenance charge to keep your battery in peak condition
  • Do not leave your battery in a discharged state; always put it on charge immediately after your round of golf and leave it on the maintenance charge until your next round of golf. Please do not leave it on the maintenance charge for very long periods, such as over wintering
  • Do not store your battery in ‘extreme’ conditions, either very cold or very hot. When you do store your battery for a prolonged period, give it a refreshing charge every month, it will pay you back for your care
  • Every four or five rounds check that your golf trolley is in good working order with no sticky wheels or bearings etc. Extra drag will make your battery think it is going uphill for eighteen holes!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Torberry cable polarity change

Torberry Cable
If by some chance you have an unusual trolley and a charger where the connector does not seem to fit correctly with red to red, although it looks the same, you will need to adjust the connector on your new lead.

Simply pull the sheath on your new connector back and slide the red and black connectors apart, cross them over so that the outside edge of each connector is now in the middle and slide them back together again (they are a bit like a mini tongued and grooved).

You will now find that all is ok. If the connectors will not slide apart, use something blunt between them and gently lever apart. Joining Together. There are no male and female connectors with Torberry's. Just orientate them red to red and black to black and push. They fit together perfectly.

At www.golftrolleybatteries.co.uk we have been happily supplying replacement golf trolley batteries since 2006.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Lithium Golf Batteries Price Drop

The Little Miracle Lithium Golf Trolley Batteries are now even better value for money...!

At PureDrive Batteries Ltd we have dropped the price of both the 18 Hole Little Miracle, and the 36 Hole Lithium Batteries.

18 Hole Little Miracle Lithium Golf Trolley Battery - WAS £249: NOW ONLY £177

Now you can buy an 18 hole Lithium Golf Trolley Battery as a direct replacement for any lead-acid or Gel golf battery. Comes complete with top quality neoprene bag, dedicated lithium battery charger and Torberry adaptor cable. This lithium golf battery is small, light and powerful and is eco-friendly, unlike conventional lead-acid golf batteries.

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36 Hole Little Miracle Lithium Golf Trolley Battery - WAS £299: NOW ONLY £227

The 36 hole Lithium Golf Trolley Battery is also as a direct replacement for any lead-acid or Gel golf battery. Comes complete with top quality neoprene bag, dedicated lithium battery charger and Torberry adaptor cable. This lithium golf battery is small, light and powerful and is eco-friendly, unlike conventional lead-acid golf batteries.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Lithium Golf Battery Questions

Should I buy the 18 hole battery or the 36 hole battery?
The Little Miracle 18 hole Lithium Golf Trolley Battery has been designed to always complete an 18 hole round of golf however it will complete up to 27 holes on most golf trolleys on most courses, depending on the terrain and length of the course. If you have a single motored non braked trolley and would normally only play 18 holes at a time the 18 hole battery will be fine.

For golfers that regularly play 36 holes in the same day, the larger Little Miracle 36 hole golf battery is recommended. If you have a twin motored remote control trolley, or a trolley with an electronic or direct drive brake system you should buy the Little Miracle 36 hole battery.

Please be aware that you are unlikely to get 36 holes from any battery on a twin motored trolley.

Will the Little Miracle battery fit my trolley?
Yes, the Little Miracle batteries have been specifically designed to fit in the battery holder of any 12 volt electric golf trolley currently on the market. If your trolley currently uses an 18 hole or 36 hole lead acid battery it will take a Little Miracle battery.

Will a Little Miracle battery power my trolley?
If your trolley currently uses a 12 volt Lead acid battery, whatever capacity, then the Little Miracle battery will work fine. The Little Miracle has been developed to be a direct “drop-in” replacement for any 12 volt battery currently used in golf whether it's an 18 or 36 hole capacity battery.

You should not replace other types of lithium batteries such as lithium manganese batteries with the Little Miracle battery as different types of lithium batteries do not have the same characteristics and you may cause damage.

How do I connect a Little Miracle battery to my trolley?
The Little Miracle batteries are supplied with an integral interconnect ‘T-Bar' or interconnect connector. If your trolley requires a Torberry connector system the Little Miracle battery can be very easily converted by fitting the Torberry connector directly to the screw terminals or by fitting a T-Bar to Torberry adapter into the interconnect housing.

You can also attach any other type of connector to the screw terminals should you have an unusual fitting.

If I use a Little Miracle battery, can I still use my old Lead Acid battery?
Yes you can because the Little Miracle battery is designed to work just like a lead acid battery. There are no modifications or changes required to your trolley to use a Little Miracle battery. You are able to change between a lead acid battery and a Little Miracle battery at any time.

Can I use my old Lead Acid battery charger?
No, the Little Miracle battery is a LiFePO4 or Lithium Phosphate battery. The charging requirements are very different to a lead acid battery. That is why every Little Miracle battery is supplied with its own custom made battery charger and uses a separate independent charging port on the battery.

How long will a Little Miracle battery last?
This will depend on many factors, like how often you play, the weight of your golf bag, the type of golf course you play, the age of your trolley etc. In controlled testing, Little Miracle batteries have exceeded well over 2000 cycles. What you can be sure of, is that whatever a lead acid battery achieves on your trolley a Little Miracle battery will last you much much longer.

For the average golfer playing twice a week every week, with a single motored trolley you can look forward to well over 4 years of powered golf. To show how confident we are, every Little Miracle battery comes with a performance rated 2 year or 2000 rounds guarantee, whichever comes first.

Isn’t a 16Ah battery a bit small to play a full round of golf with?
A 16Ah lead acid battery would be. But this is a LiFePO4 battery (Lithium Phosphate). Lithium batteries behave in a very different way to lead acid batteries. They have a much higher power density. That is to say you can get much more power out of the same volume. That’s why a lithium battery can be so much smaller than a lead acid battery. Also lithium batteries can withstand much higher discharge rates. So you can pull out more power faster than a lead acid battery.

Most importantly, the discharge curve of a lithium battery is very flat compared to the discharge curve of a lead acid battery. This means the lithium battery can be much smaller as it maintains its discharge rate during a full round of golf. It dose not need to be over sized to compensate for its loss of discharge rate during a full round of golf.

How long will it take to charge a Little Miracle battery?
With the dedicated Little Miracle battery charger, from fully flat to fully charged, it will take no more than 4 hours! How can I maximise the life of a Little Miracle battery? The Little Miracle battery can be damaged by improper use, just as any other battery can. However, with its micro processer controlled, built in ‘battery management system’ (BMS) it is a lot harder than with any other battery. The BMS will primarily protect the battery against over charging and over discharging during use, and ensure it is always working at maximum efficiency.

But it will not protect against the worst thing you can do to any battery, and that is leaving it in a discharged state for any length of time. The best way to look after a Little Miracle battery is to charge it as soon as possible after every use.

Are Lithium batteries are dangerous?
Some lithium batteries can be under certain situations. There are many different lithium compounds used in batteries. The Little Miracle battery is a LiFeP04 compound battery or Lithium Phosphate battery. This type of battery is recognised as the safest form of Lithium battery as, unlike other compounds, it does not suffer from a phenomenon know as “thermal run away”. A condition whereby a battery on charge or discharge can destroy itsself through internal heat generation caused by high overcharge or high rate of discharge or other abusive conditions including impact damage.

This is why LiFeP04 chemistry batteries are the lightweight battery of choice for electric vehicle manufacturers. The Little Miracle Lithium Golf Trolley Battery, a pioneer in electric golf technology.

Friday, 18 October 2013

PGA EuroPro Tour Order of Merit


Welshman victorious at Tour Championship to earn Challenge Tour card

Oliver Farr won the 888poker.com PGA EuroPro Tour Championship, and with it the 2013 season Order of Merit, after finishing 13 under par for his 54 holes at Prince’s Golf Club.
Daniel Gavins was one behind in second place, which also confirmed his position as runner-up on the tour rankings. Paul Reed and James Watts finished the tournament tied for third on ten under par.
The top five on the Order of Merit are awarded Challenge Tour cards for 2014. George Woolgar, who was guaranteed a top-five finish before Tour Championship, came third with Dave Coupland and Paul McKechnie also progressing to Europe’s second-tier Tour.
Farr (Worcester Golf & Country Club) shot a final-round 67, five under, to beat overnight leader Gavins (De Vere Oulton Hall) by one and in doing so also claimed the Order of Merit title.
“The last two days I have really controlled the ball well and put some great scores in,” said Farr. “It was nice to do that under a lot of pressure. I wasn’t quite sure of my Challenge Tour card for next year but it is brilliant to get it.
“The Challenge Tour card only really occurred to me on the 18th. I was focussing on the last round. I came here this week to just play this tournament as it is and I did that. It only really came into my mind on the 18th tee, then I thought I could win the Order of Merit.
“Playing on the Challenge Tour is something to really, really look forward to. I have played some Challenge Tour events this year and I feel comfortable on there. There is a little step up but I will prepare myself and get some good practice in over the winter to get ready for next year.”
The Welshman led for much of the back nine after shooting five birdies on the first 11 holes. A birdie for Gavins on the last left Farr with a short but nervy putt for victory, which he calmly made to collect a winner’s cheque of £15,000 and a brand new Motocaddy S3 Pro.
Richard Wallis finished sixth on the 888poker.com PGA EuroPro Tour Order of Merit, missing out on the top five by just £69.17. However, if any of the top five earn a Challenge or European Tour card via the European Tour Qualifying School, he will receive their satellite tour graduate category.
Marcus Armitage collected the Rookie Of The Year trophy after finishing ninth on the Order of Merit.
A two-hour highlights package from Tour Championship will be broadcast at 8pm on Tuesday, October 29 on Sky Sports 2 HD, repeated four times the following day.
The Tour Championships concludes the 2013 888poker.com PGA EuroPro Tour season. Details of the 2014 Qualifying School will be available at www.europrotour.com in December.
PureDrive Batteries Ltd are the proud suppliers of the Little Miracle, the official golf trolley battery to the PGA Europro Tour

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

PGA Europr Tour update

Gavins closes in on 888poker.com PGA EuroPro Tour order of merit title

Yorkshire man leads by one ahead of final round at Tour Championship

Daniel Gavins will take a one-shot lead into the final round of the 888poker.com PGA EuroPro Tour Championship and will play the final round with Oliver Farr - who he lost out to in a play-off at Montrose last month – after both shot second-round 65s at Prince’s.

Farr (Worcester Golf & Country Club) shares second with Irishman Michael McGeady (69, 67) on eight under with Simon Lilly (Wellingborough, 67, 70) and Paul Grannell (Vale Royal Abbey, 65, 72) seven under, two behind leader Gavins on the par-72 course.

The 22-year-old, who is attached to De Vere Oulton Hall, is second on the Order of Merit and has already guaranteed himself a top five finish along with George Woolgar (Capitalservices). He won the HotelPlanner.com Championship at Dale Hill in August and finished second in the Eagle Orchid Scottish Masters at Montrose and in the Clipper Logistics Championship at Moor Allerton, losing in a sudden-death play-off in both events.

A victory for either Gavins or Farr tomorrow would see them crowned 2013 Order of Merit champion, provided Woolgar finishes outside the top two. The Chesterfield golfer is tied 36th on level par ahead of Thursday’s final 18.

“I hit the fairways and holed some nice putts,” said Gavins of his second round. “At the start of the day it was pretty calm but the wind picked up as my round went on.

“It would mean an awful lot to win this week but I am not really thinking about winning the Order of Merit. I already have Challenge Tour through the top five so anything else this week is a bonus.”

Joint second-placed Farr said: “I hit seven birdies and played some really good golf, it was probably one of the best rounds I have ever played and in some tricky conditions coming down the stretch.”

Woolgar leads the Tour rankings, with Gavins, Farr, Dave Coupland (-1, T31) and Paul McKechnie (-4, T14) completing the current top five. Only Woolgar and Gavins have already secured their playing rights for next season’s Challenge Tour. The top five on the Order of Merit at the conclusion of Tour Championship will earn a card on next season’s Challenge Tour.

Spectator entry to Tour Championship is free of charge throughout the week and a two-hour highlights package will be broadcast at 8pm on Tuesday, October 29 on Sky Sports 2 HD, repeated four times the following day.

The Little Miracle is the official golf trolley battery to the PGA Europro Tour